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Willow the Gypsy

"Life's a neck. Drink deep"

2 April
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alanis morisette, alexander mccall smith, andrew denton, angel, anthropology, aries, australian chamber orchestra, avril lavigne, bachelor of education, baths, bones, boston, buffy, bureau of meteorology, card games, carl haiisen, chaos theory, chasing amy, cheese, chocolate, christopher brookmyre, clerks, communications, counting crows, criminal minds, crossing jordan, cyclones, dancing, dictionary.com, diet coke, dogma, dr who, dymocks, earth, edraven, education, email, encyclopedia.com, enough rope, environment, equality for all, family, family guy, fantasy, farscape, firefly, flying, food, forensics, futurama, generation x, gilmore girls, giraffs, goodies, greening australia, grey's anatomy, hand bags, hedonism, heroes, hootie and the blowfish, house, icecream, irc, james patterson, janet evanovich, jay and silent bob, jd robb, jonathon kellerman, journalism, kathy reichs, kevin smith, la femme nikita, language, literotica, live, lost, mars, matt damon, matt nathanson, mem fox, moon, movies, msn, music, my laptop, mythbusters, ncis, nickleback, nigella lawson, pandora, pathology, patricia cornwall, perth, philosophy, pictorial puzzles, planes, planets, playing, plays, popcap, popcorn, post secret, psychology, qantas, queer as folk, reading, roswell, sailing, scotland, simpsons, skeletor and hordak, sociology, space, spain, star trek, star wars, stargate atlantis, stargate sg1, stars, stationery, study, suitcases, superman, t-shirt hell, teaching, that 70s show, the princess bride, thinkgeek, training, travelling, twisties, university, vampires, veronica mars, water, weather, west wing, wicca, winnie the pooh, word, working, writing